Useful links regarding search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a bit of a tricky topic.  Good site design and content is the best SEO method there is.  That said, there are many sources offering advice on SEO.  Some of these SEO sites sell services, others just talk about the issues.  A listing below does not endorse a site in any way, it merely provides you the opportunity to check out the site and decide for yourself.

Wikipedia SEO article:

SEO Today, described as a community of search engine optimization professionals: 

Google's view on SEO services.:

A good site on various SEO topics which includes an extensive collection of user tools related to SEO:

Checks Keywords against competition:

Tells you the address of backlinks:

Checks when pages are cached:

Table of all inbound links:

Great tool to find out how high in the rankings for MSN, Google and Yahoo:

Sandbox Checker and other tools:

Silktide Site Tester:

Free Google Sitemap Generator:

About Google Sitemaps:

Google's List of Sitemap tools:

SEO Consultants Directory:

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