How do I submit a design to Open Web Design?

To submit a design for display on Open Web Design (OWD) you must be a registered member of the OWD site and follow the rules for designs.  The submission rules are posted at: and are as follows:

For all designs:

  • Design must validate on, XHTML, Strict, Transitional, etc. are all accepted.
  • Designs must not use any other code besides straight HTML/CSS.
    • No Javascript, Java, DHTML, etc...
  • Designs must be in format.
  • When unzipped, designs must fall into the following directory structure:
    • Design_Name/index.html
    • Design_Name/this.html
    • And so on...
    • Special characters like "Design Name/index.html" and "Cool!/index.html" are not allowed
  • If links in the design are not functional, link them back to index.html.
  • No buttons (includes w3 buttons).
  • Only submit designs for which you hold copyrights.

For designs with images:

  • The combined size of all images must be less than 25KB.
  • No text is allowed in images (so that it can be used without an image editor).
  • Images must be royalty free.

All designs submitted are evaluated by the site managers and designers may be requested to modify submission that fall outside the stated guidelines.  Always review the most current rules for submission at the link above before submitting a design for consideration.

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