Hello, this is my second webdesign for OWD.

Welcome !

The name of this template (plainb) comes from plain black — it's just shorter ;-) It is 100% compliant with XHTML 1.0 Strict and does not contain any tables. I also tried to use relative metrics everywhere, so the layout should be very flexible (scaling, resizing, font sizes, etc.). Further, I also included three different stylesheets (print layout, handheld, larger fonts). I would be very happy about some feedback! - Jonas John

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The source code (HTML and CSS) should be tidy and easy to to customize. I tested the design successfully in Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Opera 9.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0. The most parts of the CSS code and XHTML structure are copied from my blue:sky template.

Can I use it for... ?

Feel free to use this template for any purpose you wish (personal, commercial, ...). If you publish a website that is based on plain.b, please email me your site's URI - that would be very nice (because I'm very curious)!

Now, get it!

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You find some more free webdesigns on OWD.org. The small stock photos used above are from Stock.XCHNG. The big splash image is taken by by myself and can be freely used.




- OWD.org
- Jonas John
- Stock.XCHNG
- Valid XHTML
- Valid CSS

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