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Unique Prospective

One of the angles that you see in a city is the one from atop high buildings. Often there is beauty and treasure to be found... however it requires looking at things differently.

How to use this template

This template would be most effectively used by using some photos that match your city's own style. The example shown here is from near the heart of Mexico City that I snapped. It could even be changed seasonally.

Why is it so great?

It is not the 8th visual wonder of the web, however I think that your visitors will find it very attractive and useable. (Oh, and did I mention it is free.) The real reasons follow:


Navigation is where the user expects it. It is all in the same spot -- so it easy to see what all available options are.

Full Use of screen

The body jumps out of the 'margins' to fill a good chunk of the screen from 800px to 1200px wide. This is about as big as browser windows are useful in. To see how it looks on mobile devices checkout the view from firefox's webdeveloper's toolbar option: 'small screen rendering'.

Future Compatible

Everything is up to standards. IE doesn't exactly support a few feature I use... but it degrades well. IE7 (coming soon) should be able to handle everything with no problems.


Tools Used

This open design was created using free tools. Thus this template free to use and free to modify using the same tools as the author: