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LondonWhen I saw Open Web Design was having a contest, I just had to enter. If nothing else, just to have fun in making a template with a specific theme. My initial urge for this design was to create something very "New York" feeling. You know, maybe use some stock photography... do a big city feel... maybe show a traffic jam, but then I figured a lot of other people would be doing something similar. So what to do?

When I began trying to think of something different, I wasn't quite sure where to start. I initiialy thought something vintage looking. Maybe with a "postcard from the city" feel, but that quickly faded away due to the file size limits. Then I thought about doing something very Art Deco, but that just didn't go far at all. I went through a couple more ideas, before I decided on doing this particular template. This Template came to me after I had stepped away from the computer and was doing dishes. Odd, huh?

I've included several extra stylings with this template that I don't typically include, (but will start). As you can see below There is a blockquote styling, a table styling, and several different sized header styles. Take this template and do what you will with it. It is completely open source. I, of course, appreciate a link back, but it is not required. The images used in this template are also open source. The background pattern is a modified form of one of Squid Fingers', and everything else I made.

This is an example of a blockquote, but as long as we're here... If you like this template and want to see more of my free, open source templates, visit: Mad Season Design.

How About A Table?

When did we stop styling tables? Tables are still cool, just use them for tabular data:

  John Jane Total
January 123 234 357
February 135 246 381
March 257 368 625
Total 515 848 1363

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