The City

This template was designed for the competition run by Open Web Design, the brief of the competition was "The City". I decided to stay away from the obvious cityscape at night / skyscraper from an angle themes and instead went for one of the most iconic symbols of any city; the London Underground Map.

The striking symbol that is recognized across the globe was the brainchild of Underground electrical draughtsman, Harry Beck, who produced this imaginative yet stunningly simple design back in 1933. read more


The navigation or victoria line is down the left of the page and as you add more pages to link to it will add more stations! You can also add extra content using the extra content class.


The page can easily be split into 2 columns, the properties eg:

  • background colour
  • font colour
  • font size

can be independently changed for the right and left columns, so it is easy to have differently styled columns.

About Designer

This template is made by Visual Aid and is free to use. I would however like you to keep the design by Visual Aid in the footer and email me a link to your web site.

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