The City of David - Jerusalem

The City of David - Style 3

This is my template entry for The City - Open Web Design contest.

This web-template was designed using XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. All of the .html and css pages included were validated as passed with W3 online validation service.

Photo Credit: The photograph of Jerusalem is used with permission by Every photograph used must retain the domain name:

Alternate Template Styles: Style 1 | Style 2

Accessibility and Usability Features

The following accessibility and usability features are supported;

  • provides access to screen resolutions of 800 x 600 or higher
  • allows for browser-based font-resizing [uses relative font sizes]
  • provides a skip to navigation menu link [main content comes first]

Template Style and Design Features

This template includes top navigation buttons, sub-menu navigation, a breadcrumb trail [You are here:], and a footer bar.

To show the current page, a style definition for a:current was added for the top navigation buttons and sub-menu links [highlighted in blue].

This option can be applied to the current page link by moving the [id= current] to the proper [a href=] link.

The Sub-Menu box can be; used as one long box, as several smaller boxes, position to the right, left or placed at the top.

To view the Sub-Menu positioned left, select Style 2. To view the Sub-Menu positioned right, select Style 1.

The footer below provides a Top of page link for longer pages of text, and a website title / copyright place holder.

I have included a print style sheet for printing the body of text only. To view the print layout, select File from your browsers menu bar and click on Print Preview.