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22.March 2005, ver. 1.0.1: Fixed wrong link colors in boxes blelow the menu.

What's so special?

All colors used on this page are colors from a kiwi fruit. I always have some difficulties finding multiple colors which blend well with each other, so I decided to make a little experiment and take colors from the nature. The kiwi fruit was accidentially the first object which came to my mind. After taking a photo of it, I used an image editing program to extract a 256-color palette. The colors of this palette all fit very well on a webpage - both dark and light colors were present.

The font color might appear black, but in fact it is another color (you can check that in source code) which you can also find on the kiwi picture. The only colors you might see on this page which are not part of a kiwi fruit, are the hyperlink colors. This is because I did not set any colors for those at all. Since a blue color (the standard link color in a webbrowser) fits, there is no reason to change it, which also improves usability.

Usual features

Standard compliance
All code used on this page is 100% standards compliant to ensure browser compatibility.
Semantic markup
No layout-tables are used but CSS. This leads to a fast download, easy addition of content and maximum adaptability.
This design uses valid XHTML. It is recommended to serve XHTML pages with another mime type than HTML. However, not all browsers (IE for example) work correctly with an XHTML-mime type. This PHP code does a simple check and returns the appropriate mime type so it might be useful for you (further reading):
if ( stristr($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'],'application/xhtml+xml') ) {
header('Content-type: application/xhtml+xml');
else {
header('Content-type: text/html');
Cross-browser compatibility
This design is tested and working in all three major browsers: Mozilla 1.7.5 (Firefox 1.0), Opera 7.54 and Internet Explorer 6.0, the latter one caused the most work, as always.
Print stylesheet
This design includes a print stylesheet, this page can automatically be printed (printer-friendly of course) without further changes of content or layout.
Font-size flexibility
This design is independent of font-sizes so it should look well for users with both big and small font sizes.