autonomous css

self governing design


Jul 16th: Des bored enough to do this
Jul 17th: Des realises he wasted a day


Basically, my name is Des Traynor, and I made this to learn CSS. I thought the design of the initial site was beautiful, but I found the underlying html very dodgy. The entire site was done through tables, something I have avoided here, and as a result, if you view source, you'll find its much much cleaner and easier to work with. It is worth noting that this design is now fully XHTML 1.0 Strict! The real difference is the super cool drop shadow had to go, primarily cause I have no idea how you would do that in css without images, images are unnecessary bandwidth, I think the design holds up pretty well without it. The original design was by a cool guy named Adam Particka.

credit where credit is due

This section use to explain how unique people type in lower case. Now it is a section to give credit to people who have helped me , since I posted it up originally. Thanks go to the following people: Ed Steve Francia. Also, I have added the hover feature so the input search box will turn white on mouse over, I didn't actually notice that in my first rip, but it was pointed out. Thanks everyone.

Its a small world

The size of this file , plus its style.css accompaniment, weighs in at less than half the size of the original. Considering the original was only 11k in size, thats not a big deal here, but if you were paying for bandwidth heavily , this would half your bandwidth usage, therefore half your costs.