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This is PurpleBlinds a shameless dereivative of PurpleHaze by Haran. PurpleBlinds is a XHMTL valid design that has a simple layout which takes full advantage of CSS 2.0's formatting power. You'll find no tables and <font> tags here. The following paragraphs and the accompanying sidebar help describe some of the aspects of this template. (Also, this is my first OSWD template submission; I would appreciate constructive feed back.)


Standards Compliance

As I mentioned briefly earlier PurpleBlinds is XHTML valid. It does not use any depracated tags and has a well formed structure. It also makes extensive use of the World Wide Web Consortium's CSS level 2 recommendation. This allows for the separation of content, style, and layout. You'll find that this page is powered by two separate stylesheets; A global layout style sheet and a global formatting stylesheet. Only information pertaining to the placemnt of various sections of the page will be found in the layout section and only information relating to the formatting of the page such as fonts, font sizes, line spacing, and other miscellaneous properties will be found in the formatting section.

This page is also cross-browser compatible. It renders properly in both Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla 1.8a, however because of limitations in the way that the browsers display CSS coding there is one slight descrepancy. The space between the top of the content and the header region is different in Mozilla and Internet explorer due each browser's different implementation of the CSS box model.



This page as you might have noticed uses absolutely no tables. Tables, in the opinion of this coder as soley to be used to tabular data, i.e. mySQL datatables, spreadsheets, etc. not for design elements as so many sites on the internet are so fond of using. Table as both to the length of the code that must be used for each page and also to the size of the page. Using CSS for layout and positioning purposes ensures that a cached CSS file can serve the layout needs of a dial-up user for his/her entire visit to that particular site. Meaning that the web is more accessable to those who have not been reached by the high-speed data pipes that many of us enjoy.


Terms of Use

This template is freely useable and modifiable as long as you somewhere mention that it was based on this template and my name is mentioned somewhere. (That information can be found in the footer segment of the this page). Thanks!



I hope that you find this template useful in its original state or as an inspiration for an original design. I had a lot of fun coding it. Again, I would appreciate feedback since this is my first template on OSWD. Thanks again!