Your Visitors Take 5 Second

To form an Impression and find value on your website

Custom Web Design by Openwebdesign

These 5 seconds are crucial for your website.
A prospective visitor would have answered the following questions within 5 seconds of landing on your website –

• Can I trust this company?
• Can it add value to my needs?
• Does it offer credible products or services?

It takes only 5 seconds for a visitor to answer these questions and decide whether to stay or move on to the next website. No doubt, your website design plays a crucial role to leverage the visitor’s impression about your company.

Trust, credibility, and value are the three magic words that can make or break a business. If any of these three factors are missing, you are not exploring the full potential of your website.

Remember that your website is the online brand ambassador for your company!

Why Do I Need A Quality Web Design?

Your website design speaks for your company. It highlights your professionalism, builds credibility, trust, and value for the visitors. Moreover, it adds a sense of comfort for the visitor.

You need a quality web design because

• 90% of your prospective customers will visit your website before hearing from you
• An elegant web design improves the conversion ratio for your business
• Majority of businesses lose their sales due to their inability to create value and trust
• Poor web design has been stated as the major reason

If you think that your website lacks on these forefronts, you need an expert website designing service that is customized to your needs.

What Makes Openwebdesign Different?

At OpenWebDesign, we understand that a great website design is not limited to just a visually appealing website. Your website is a brand ambassador for your company that helps you to generate leads and sales. To help you cope with today’s challenges we help you look towards the bigger picture.

OpenWebDesign’s proven website design methodology can assist you to gain visibility on the web, attract traffic, and convert sales. With a forte’ in website designing, we have a proven record of assisting both companies and users with limited or no design skills to quickly put up a site and showcase their content.

We are able to provide excellence in website designing to our clients through a blend of intelligent development, smart design, and a fully customized Drupal CMS. Taking each project as a challenge, our experts ensure that they add life to each website design so that it thrives in today’s competitive market.

What do we offer?

At OpenWebDesign, our custom website design offers flexibility in accordance to your needs. Here are some of the many features of what we can offer –

• W3 compliant design
• Div based
• Table Less
• Minimizes your website loading time
• CSS designs
• Multi-browser capability optimization
• Best in class layout and structuring
• World-class menu and homepage layout
• Form Design
• Flash Design
• Content Page Design and much more

Most importantly, we offer the three C’s critical for your business –

• Cost-effectiveness
• Competitive edge through impeccable design
• Custom designs suited to your needs

Success Stories

We strive for customer satisfaction. We have many success stories to tell with our award winning designs we built for our clients. Perhaps trust, great customer satisfaction, and an ongoing work for our clients is the greatest testament to our success.

With a forte in providing impeccable website designs to our clients, we have served different domains with award winning designs.

Our portfolio include –



We have seen website design companies that offer a cheap designing solution. However, there is nothing such as a “Cheap” website design. A website design requires proper planning, research, design, development, etc. It’s similar to buying a car. If you go for a Nissan Versa, it will cost you less; however, this is not the case for Mercedes.

Similarly, website design is never “Cheap” as the price would depend on the “scope” of your requirements. If the resources required will be limited, the price will be less.

OpenWebDesign offers flexibility in its website designing packages. According to your requirements, we can offer you a flexible pricing. We have plans that require fewer resources thus will suit your needs if you are low on budget.

We are the largest free template provider on the Internet. These templates can be customized according to your needs at $99 for homepage and $55 for an additional page.

Our Packages

At OpenWebDesign, we believe in quality, commitment, and adherence to tight deadlines in a cost-effective way. To support our belief, our packages are tailor made to suit your needs. We have made a comprehensive package to suit your needs –

OpenWebDesign Basic OpenWebDesign Plus OpenWebDesign Premium
With the basic package, you can be a proud owner of a website quickly and on a low budget. The Basic plus package is fully loaded with features and preferred by most of our clients. The premium package is the premier choice of our clients. If you want a web 2.0 powerhouse, this is your best choice.
Up to 7 HTML Pages Unique and eye-catching homepage Unique and eye-catching homepage
2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design Smart Layout for Content Pages Swap images or unique header images on each page
  Navigation with rollover buttons Drop down menus
  Up to 10 HTML pages Menu navigation button rollovers
  2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design Up to 15 HTML pages

  2 Unique Layout Options – Choose your final design
Estimated Project Duration – 1-5 days Estimated Project Duration – 7- 10 days Estimated Project Duration – 2-3 weeks
$199.00 ONLY! $299.00 ONLY! $399.00 ONLY!

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