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Ideal CSS template

Selecting the ideal CSS template for your website

It is not a surprise to see the webmaster’s preference on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) over conventional HTML table designs.  CSS technology offers you various features to uplift the functionality and the appearance of a website. That is why even the World Wide Web Consortium has recommended websites owners to use CSS whenever it is possible.



Despite the plethora of benefits your can experience with the use of CSS, this article emphasizes the ways you can select a good CSS template for your website. Truth to be told, the abilities and skills are different from designer to designer and hence not all the designs are good as templates. Here is some food for thought when selecting the perfectly matching CSS template for your website.



The main reason for a website owner to select CSS is its ease of maintenance. There are some designers who misuse the enormous strength of CSS techniques and such templates may not deliver what you expect. Therefore, when selecting a CSS template, you need to refer to the codes properly and see if they are perfectly commented. A well structured, easy to use CSS template should have every block commented, so that the modification process is easier. Also, you need to make sure that all the blocks are logically named for convenient management. With such approach, you will be able to locate all the blocks perfectly within the entire layout.


No matter what the programming language used, naming convention is a highly critical aspect, particularly to ensure a highly customized output. If it is within your capability, make sure to check and choose a design that uses external style sheet linking. Such strategy would be highly useful if you expect a flexible CSS template.



The next important aspect to consider is the amount of images that the developers have used the la layout. Any user may easily be attracted to a template that comes with beautiful images (particularly when it comes to elements like header banners).  However, the truth is, that you shouldn’t such layout that uses large amounts of images; such design will make it harder for you to create a unique design. The more the images, the harder it is to make it unique. So, in simplest terms, you should select a CSS template that has minimal number of images.


Then, try to avoid CSS templates that have Flash or JavaScript enabled. Generally, flash animations and JavaScript are hard to amend particularly if you don’t have a sound knowledge in programming languages.


CSS templates are capable of helping your website to get the perfect start it deserves. However, thy key is to select the right kind of template. It is a cost effective way to download a CSS template and use it for a website other than hiring a professional to do it. There are some sources to offer free CSS templates. If you wish more professionalism, however, you may download a paid template which is still a lot affordable than hiring a professional to develop CSS contents for you.

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