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Pros and Cons of using website templates

In laymen’s term, website template is basically a pre-designed website that is available to purchase and customize with own content. Images, colors and textual contents of these web sites can be easily customized and used as an own, unique website. Like with any other product in the real world, website templates too have both advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are some of the most noticeable pros and cons of using website templates.



  • They are ready to use

A website template comes with all the features, layouts and effects; all you need to do is to replace the contents. You don’t want to go behind a professional web designer and explain your requirement; just select the best matching template from the preferred store and you are ready to go! By adding copyrighted contents and images, you can convert the template into a unique website.


  • Helps you to save time

Time is money. Technically, it is a ‘crime’ to spend months on designing your website. The best way to remarkably reduce the time you spend on developing a website is using a template. Technically, you will be able to have your website up and running in couple of days; it is a matter of preparing your contents and uploading them.



  • Affordable

By using a website template to design a website, you can save a considerable amount of money. This is a very attractive option especially for startups considering the limited budget they possess. Hiring a professional website designer will cost you thousands of dollars in most of the cases.


  • Versatile options

Website templates come with a high versatility. There is large number of websites available – it is a matter of selecting the perfect match from the gallery. All of these websites are made to be compatible with the latest technological trends and software programs.


  • Great functionality

Companied release website templates after testing the functions. This functionality can vary from basic level website to high-end ecommerce platform. Photo galleries, chat functions, online polls, different payment processes etc. are offered with these templates for your convenience.



Like with any other product, despite all the good characteristics, web templates have some cons too.

  • You cannot expect complete exclusiveness

Web templates are available to download by any person by paying the respective price. The same template can be downloaded by hundreds, if not thousands, of users besides you. These sites may appear similar in layouts unless you do in-depth modification.


  • It may be hard to execute complete customization

As we already know, templates come with pre-built space allocations (for text and images). It can be hard or impossible for users to change these spaces. In case of changing the pre-allocated size, the entire setup will be messed up.



Having considered all the facts, using templates is a wise option, particularly for startups. Affordability, quick setup and ease of use are great benefits for a business that looks for an impressive kickoff.

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