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How to simplify your Web Design?

Designing an attractive website requires a great amount of skill. In fact, it requires some artistic skills and hence web designing is considered to be an art. Without innovative ideas, it is hard for a person to become a good web designer. Your business website is your online presence. A well-arranged, elegant website helps to create a strong impression on the visitors; it helps branding strategies too. That is why modern businesses are heavily focused on maintaining presentable websites.



Your website doesn’t want to be complicated; such websites will confuse customers and make them frustrated. This is one of the major reasons for very high bounce rates. When the majority of visitors tend to leave your website immediately, you can hardly think of maximizing the conversion rate. Therefore, keeping your website as simple as possible is vital in terms of increasing the popularity. Mentioned below are some tips to use and simplify your website.


  • Determine what the essentials are

One of the most important aspects you must remember when designing a webpage is to determine the essential components. In other words, you should put all the efforts to make your website a “beyond-good” design. First, take some time and assess the requirement of essentials; don’t go for too fancy options just because you can or for the sake of the availability.


  • Limit the page number

Another effective way of simplifying the design of the webpage is to reduce the number of pages. Too many pages will confuse the navigation process and avoid customers from keep browsing. Moreover, reduced number of pages helps your website to load pretty quickly. Focus on the essential contents and distribute them among a couple of pages. Such simplified process will maximize the curiosity of the visitor and increase the conversion rate.



  • Use a simple color scheme

If you expect to simplify the website design, you should utilize a simple color scheme. Think of the purpose of your site and the type of your business before selecting a color scheme. Use an appealing smooth color scheme that doesn’t frustrate the viewers. Be sure to avoid too fancy colors. The simpler the color scheme, the better the design is.


  • Make it compatible with the browsers

Regardless all the other measures you take to simplify the design, everything becomes useless if your website is incompatible with browsers. Therefore, it is a must-do thing to check the browser compatibility of the website before finalizing the work. Try your website in various browsers and see is all the gadgets work perfectly. See if it appears on mobile devices and PC screens seamlessly before you launch it.


If you find it difficult to design your website from the scratch and make it simple, you are left with two options. Hire a professional or download a professionally simplified website template and modify it. The second option of course, is going to be highly cost effective compared to the first option though. These templates are SEO friendly too.

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